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an orange munchees box filled with a variety of snacks including healthy dried fruits and nuts, cookies, chips, protein bars

Fuel your team with
delicious & healthier snacks

Bored of the same ol' snacks everryy singlee dayyy? 😴

Stock up your office pantry with an exciting and rotating variety of snacks from all over the world! 

Choose your Office Box

Choose your box

Allow your team to stay happy, active and productive while saving time, energy and money.

Discover which Munchees box is perfect for you!

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Back to basics! – A fun selection of familiar 
brands and flavours we love.

Enjoy a mix of both wholesome and 
classic snacks – Balance is key!

Guilt-free and nutritious snacks for 
the health-conscious.

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How it works

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Choose the box that best suits your team

Tip: Take into consideration your team size, snacking preferences and frequency!
No commitments – pause , modify or cancel anytime!

Have a larger team? Fret not! Reach out to us at for your customised snack plan.

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Tailored to preferences

Not a favourite? Not a problem – Simply inform us and we'll place it on the “Not a Favourite” list to ensure it will never be included in subsequent boxes. We're here for all questions, comments

and feedback!

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Receive your Munchees box within 5 business days

Explore and discover new textures and flavours with an average of 12 different snack types per month!

All you have to do now is share (:

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Reap the benefits!

Boost your workplace morale, productivity and engagement. Attract and retain top talent with improved work perks and employee satisfaction. 
As we have all heard this at least once before – Employees are your best assets. 

What's inside your Munchees box?

We aim to provide a balance of healthier options and the classics, while also supporting traditional and locally made snacks. 

Our team is on an endless hunt for innovative, delicious and nostalgic options that fall under these 6 categories.

Crisps & Popcorn


Fruits & Nuts

Cookies & Biscuits


Sweet Treats


Bars & Balls


Drink Mixes


Image 1.png

Trans Fats (partially hydrogenated oils)

Image 1.png

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Image 1.png

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)*

Image 1.png

Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose)

*With the exception of snacks in the Classic category.

Following a strict set of guidelines, you and your teammates can snack assured knowing we will never fill you up with harmful chemicals!

Featuring the best of brands...

Uncle Saba's Poppadoms
Human Beans Co.png
Peckish Logo
East Bali Cashews Logo
C&B logo.png

Why Munchees, you ask?

Save time and money

Boost productivity without lifting a finger.

We'll do all the sourcing and delivery while  you snack more for less.

Fuel up with healthy snacks

Say goodbye to snacks loaded with harmful chemicals and hello to ones that keep your team healthy and feeling good.

Attract and retain top talent

An attractive work environment and office culture is high on the list of priorities for many individuals. Let yours shine!

Flexibility in budget and schedule

Your dedicated MunchMate will work with you to determine the perfect plan.

Improve morale and spirits!

Foster growth and productivity by increasing employee engagement.

Show your team you care. 

Variety for all diets and preferences

Satisfying individual tastes and preferences can be a pain. Achieve a better ROI through a better rotation of snacks.

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