3 Great Employee Wellness Program Ideas

Updated: Feb 20

Need employee wellness program ideas to thank your employees for their hard work? Here are three useful ideas.

#1 - Fitness & Wellness subsidies

Employees who exercise are generally healthier which leads to fewer sick days (productivity FTW!). Not only that, these subsidies help to lower the turnover rate as employees have an incentive to work hard, which means you can attract and retain good employees.

#2 - Catered Wholesome Lunches & Pantry Snacks

Allow your employees to build better work relationships with delicious and healthy food! Employees feel valued when you pay attention to their needs, so ensure that you provide a variety of snacks. Our Office Balance Box contains a mix of both wholesome and classic snacks because balance is key!

#3 - Break Room

The most essential asset in every company, the employees, should be well taken care of. This means that the physical and mental well-being of employees should be a priority. Not forgetting that having a place for employees to relax allows productive juices to flow.

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